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Travel dates29.05.24-28.05.25
Duration3-7 nights
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Great deals for New Year's Eve

Do you rather celebrate New Year's Eve in a big city or at the beach? Book with Lufthansa Holidays your New Year's Eve trip to cities like Paris or New York. Trips on New Year's Eve are getting from year to year more popular. Lufthansa Holidays offers a huge selection of trips worldwide. Escape and relax after the stressful Christmas days. See the fantastic fireworks in Vienna or celebrate with thousands of people in Berlin. Doesn't matter where you want to go, with Lufthansa Holidays you will definitely find the perfect trip.

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Europe

Happy New Year

Visit a different city on New Year's Eve!

Trips on New Year's Eve are getting more popular every year. Lots of people want to escape the cold days in Germany, therefore we have a range of trips for everyone. From trips far away until trips near by, from big city holidays until beach holidays. With Lufthansa Holidays you will definitely find the perfect trip. City trips are the most popular ones. No wonder, they offer you everything you need on this special occasion. The best hotels, restaurants and biggest clubs, where you can celebrate the whole night. Although trips far away are great as well, people rather wanna celebrate in Germany. 

A trip to Berlin is an adventure and you will definitely talk about it the whole year. The biggest New Year's Eve Party in Germany is at the Brandenburger Tor. Live music, DJ's and huge fireworks are attracting thousands of people every year. Over a length of two kilometers there is a party street with bars and platforms, which has a lot to offer - for everyone. If you are not there for New Year's Eve you can use your time do discover Berlin. Typical tourist attractions are the Reichstag, the Berlin wall or the Brandenburger Tor. But except the typical tourist attractions there is much more to see as well. Hidden Cafe's and parks, Berlin is a big surprise. You can't go wrong with a New Year's Eve trip to Berlin. 

Another option on New Year's Eve is a trip to Hamburg. It's not as gigantic as Berlin, but still beautiful. The location is at the water, therefore you will have an impressive scenery on midnight. During the fireworks you will see the reflection of the light spectacle on the water. No one wants to miss this event, that's why the harbor is full of party people. 

Again Germany, but a complete different city to celebrate New Year's Eve is Munich. Because of it's closeness to the alps, you can combine your journey with a ski trip. If the traffic situation is good, you can get in less than an hour to the ski area from Munich. 

If you prefer different countries Lufthansa Holidays has a lot to offer, where you have the possibility to fly to the most beautiful places on earth. Why not Amsterdam on New Year's Eve? The capital of Holland attracts tourists from everywhere with the outstanding architectures. New Year's Eve in Paris, London or Dubai are really popular as well. With Lufthansa Holidays you have the choice in between lots of beautiful places. Stay in great hotels and enjoy your carefully planed New Year's Eve without any stress.