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Travel dates21.01.22-20.01.23
Duration3-7 nights
Travellers2 adults,0 children

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Discover our fantastic Last Minute deals and enjoy unique holidays with Lufthansa Holidays. We take you to the most beautiful places worldwide. Lufthansa Holidays offers you a wide range of Last Minute deals as well. Get inspired from our wide selection of hotels and the various destinations and book the highest quality for surprisingly low prices. Whether you want to travel spontaneously to distant places with your partner or take your family to great places in Germany - you'll find suitable flights for your low-priced Last Minute holidays. You can get great bargains with Last Minute holidays, especially when you're flexible in terms of schedules.

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The best Last Minute Beach Deals

enjoy the sun on Cyprus, Madeira or Malta

Last Minute short holiday

If the holiday time is getting closer, but you haven't had time to plan it, the best decision you can make is to book a Last Minute trip with Lufthansa Holidays. Also for those who would like to get rid of their extra hours, a spontaneous Last Minute weekend trip would be suitable. Who doesn't dream of a short trip to break out of the daily routine and be on holidays a few hours later, away from stress and obligations. This kind of spontaneous travelling has the advantage, that if you are lucky you can make lots of bargains. Most of the time our Last Minute deals are seats and rooms which didn't get booked out, that's how we can make great deals for you. The result of this are lots of good offers, which are getting more popular. We can always take you to different places even if you are on short term holidays, that's how we can find something for every taste. With our Last Minute offers you can travel to destinations which are far away or nearby, like a trip to Germany. Whether you want to do a beach holiday in the sun or hiking in the mountains - our trips cover a huge range of preferences. And our trips are available even if you change the duration: You can book a Last Minute deal with us whether it's a short trip or a long-haul.

Especially, if your free time is limited and only enough for short holidays a Last Minute trip, which is nearby perfect. That's why Last Minute trips to Germany are getting more popular. Also because of the short arrival and departure time Germany is an attractive holiday destination. Especially the big cities are easy to get by bus and plane. For example a Last Minute trip to Hamburg or other metropolises in Germany, if you want to see interesting cities and cultures during your short holiday. If someone is able to get more free time then only a weekend, you should definitely choose a trip far away. Really popular are trips to New York, because often they are expensive, but not in a package Last Minute deal with Lufthansa Holidays. The ones who are not able to travel far away but still wanna see the beach, Last Minute trips to Sylt the north of Germany is perfect. The North Frisian island impresses with it's charm and offers lots of activities - as well as culture. Discover Germany during you Last Minute trip.

If you would like to leave Germany behind you during you Last Minute trip, you can choose for example Last Minute Mallorca. Last Minute Mallorca is really popular and offers beautiful beaches for cheap prices. The Balearic Island offers more then only bathing and party: idyllic landscapes do invite for a relaxing Finca-Holiday. A colorful mixture of activities offers a trip to the Canary Islands as well, if you would like to book a Last Minute trip to Fuerteventura or Gran Canaria. Especially the crystal clear water attracts lots of tourists. The ones who would like to have a really cheap Last Minute deal, they could find something with Last Minute Turkey or Last Minute Greece. These two countries are not only popular because of it's cheapness, also because of the warm weather, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. With our Last Minute offers you can find dreamlike destinations, which will suit everybody. Book now: And your journey with Lufthansa Holidays could already start tomorrow!