Travelling with children: Tips for the preparation of your journey

Before starting long-haul-journeys health information and consultations are absolutely necessary. Visit the pediatrician or your family doctor in time because preventive actions like vaccinations need certain waiting periods. A doctor can also give you behavioral advice for your travel destination.

When selecting your seats in the airplane: Window seats are way more exciting for kids because there is a lot to see above the clouds. Try to reserve a window seat. The best conditions are when the whole family is sitting together. If you are travelling with an infant, try to reserve a seat in the front line. In nearly all planes it is possible to hang up aircraft owned baby beds. This service is just available for babies until 1 year’s age. Most airlines allow you to choose your seats online or directly at the airport.

General Information about flying with children

We advice to not check in buggies or baby carriages in together with your other luggage, please give them to the ground service team directly before boarding. It can make long distances at the airport way easier. Besides it’s possible for your children to sleep during long waiting times. At the boarding gate your buggy will be taken by the flight service team. Taking the buggy directly to the plane is usually allowed at the most airports but you still should be informed in advance about the process at your departing airport, otherwise you have to check in the buggy as luggage. Sitting your child into the child car seat is usually allowed as well with most airlines. Please take note that three point belt seats cannot be used in aircraft's because they use the two point belt system. When you fly often please check your child seats availability for aircraft with the: “for use in aircraft's” tag when buying one. Models we know are: “Maxi Cosi Mico”, “Maxi Cosi Citi”, “Storchenmühle Maximum” and “Römer King Quickfix”.

We wish your whole family a safe journey and a wonderful holiday!

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