Abu Dhabi or Dubai - What suits you? 

Arab Emirates Dubai and Abu Dhabi - oriental pearls as well as the question of personality and temperament

Those who want to immerse themselves in the fascination of the Orient on a trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are often faced with the challenge of deciding between the popular travel destinations of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A direct comparison shows that it hardly matters to make a decision based on the attractiveness of individual sights, the friendliness of locals and the cost of the stay. Rather, the choice should be made on the basis of one's own temperament, personality and vibes that travellers want to surround themselves with. A first overview brings possible decision-making aids.

Abu Dhabi - quiet beauty with character and unique magic of the Orient

Contrary to initial impulses to attribute this post to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the official capital and seat of government of the United Arab Emirates. Paradoxically, things are considerably quieter here than in neighbouring Dubai. Conservatism is one of the most significant features of the UAE's largest emirate in terms of area. The impressive Arab culture is Abu Dhabi's most powerful argument for staying in one of the richest countries in the world. Dazzling nightlife and opportunities for exuberant pursuits are hard to find in Abu Dhabi. When the sun slowly sinks over the souk and the Sultan's Palace, a unique silence settles over the emirate.

With a visit to the Sheikh Zayid Mosque, the fairy tale from 1001 Nights becomes reality. Especially at sunset, it offers a heavenly colour spectacle with atmosphere. The magnificent place of worship made of pure marble and gold is an architectural jewel, supported by a fabulous 1096 exterior columns and adorned with 82 domes. With the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, guests visit the largest falcon hospital in the world and have the opportunity to get close to the impressive animals. A highlight of Abu Dhabi is the spectacular "Ferrari World". More than 20 attractions around the racing circus provide that little bit of adventure in the otherwise quiet emirate. The only thing more exciting is the 24-carat gold flake Camelccino (cappuccino with camel milk) in the luxury hotel "Emirates Palace".

Dubai - pure glamour and a world of superlatives at the zenith of the Arabian sun

The extravagant emirate on the Persian Gulf is not only a welcome guest on the "bucket list" of globetrotters, but also a perfect destination for a stopover before a possible onward journey by plane. Surrounded by the spicy, unobtrusive scent of Arabic church incense, a stroll through the gigantic Dubai Mall with its aquarium and underwater zoo promises a trip to a Mecca of oriental shopping. More traditional is a stroll through the narrow alleys of the gold and spice souk in Deira, which can be reached via "abra" - a water taxi. An equally authentic dhow ride in Dubai Marina offers city visitors a breathtaking skyline panorama. From the 124th floor of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, visitors can enjoy 360-degree views, floor-to-ceiling glass and fresh air on the outdoor platform, with the contrasting desert at their feet.

A visit to the Skyview Bar of the luxury hotel "Burj Al Arab" with a view of Jumeirah Beach is an unforgettable highlight in Dubai's glamorous nightlife. The vertical perspective on the famous, yet highly sought-after and at the same time extremely lively, picture-book sunny beach seems wonderfully unagitated. Dubai is hip, creative and innovative, as well as the undisputed world leader in terms of progress.